Fine art portfolio


Oil paint on canvas showing the fabulous qualities of oil handled in a near watercolour style but also parts showing the dexterity of opaque oils. The effect is to create a painting with the wonderful depth of abstract with realism which creates a unique fine art painting.

Raster guitar player

A fine art oil painting with all the fluidity of watercolour yet having all the power of opaque oils


Another Kevin Somerville fine art piece where oils on canvas are handled in a very unique manner.

The Red Rooster and the wagons

This is an oil on canvas with a bright red background that contrasts beautifully with the majestic rooster

A fabulous watercolour of my friend Howard

Portrait of Howard

A fine art watercolour of my friend Howard where the medium is left to create it’s characteristic spontaneity.

The red cap

The sun just catches this man’s face at an angle creating great depth in this watercolour.

Abandoned house

A wonderful watercolour of an abandoned house. the texture of watercolour comes to the fore in this fine art watercolour.

The eyes of innocence

The eyes of innocence captured in this watercolour painting of a young girl

The floppy hat

The light gently plays about in this watercolour is captured in such warm colours.

The beauty spot

A watercolour of a beautiful lady handled in a splashy technique.

The Old Singer

They say he had a fabulous voice. A watercolour that captures that moment of special light.

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