Kevin Somerville’s fine art stands out from the rest as it has been created by an artist that has risen to the very top of his field.
Winning awards in many countries in a number of different fields of creativity. He creates powerful images through combining the abstract and the realistic in new and interesting ways.

Kevin Somerville developed his fine art painting style from a combination of watercolours and oils.

Watercolour has some really lovely qualities in that it is so spontaneous and flows beautifully. These qualities tend to be missing in traditional opaque mediums such as oils.
On the other hand watercolour paints sometime lack the intensity of colour and tone that opaque media have.

His style is to combine the fluidity and spontaneity of watercolour with the depth of colour and tone of oils, often combining abstract as well as realism.
This makes his fine art painting very unique.

A fine art collector piece of Raster guitar player

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