flying sacred ibis
gazebo with bg
new zealand tower with bg
Living room
sacred ibis concretev
zoo lake reflection
holland carving in situ
windybrow grad in situ
gladys with bg3
yellow bently in situ
aloe close up2
car guard dark bg
braamfontein door in situ2
boats and oars 6
holland in situ
the zone
fire station in situ
cockrel on concrete crop
aloe and bg
delta metal bridge in situ


This collection of immensely powerful graphics has been created for the connoisseur and collector of fine art.

Created with simple bold shapes they are perfect for those large spaces where huge impact is required – corporate settings as well as the office and homes of collectors of contemporary fine art.

These graphics are an interior designers delight, with their contemporary colour harmonies they are the perfect choice for the modern contemporary interior. 


Kevin Somerville
A fine artist based in
Johannesburg South Africa.
Producing large-scale paintings and graphics for the international fine art collectors market.

Kevin’s art journey started at school where he showed an exceptional degree of talent that set him on his journey into the art world.

He showed such exceptional talent that he left normal school and went to art school where he studied graphic design.
In fact he was so advanced that the art school allowed him to work full time on several days per week while continuing studying art.

While at art school he also developed a love of photography as well as graphics. This love of photography is very evident in much of his fine art as well as graphics. Combining two of his loves into a unique style of art that combines both graphics as well as fine art.

After leaving art school he went into the ad world where he built a career. That career eventually led to him to winning many awards in various disciplines all around the world.

However, even though his career was a great success he still longed to do fine art.

He started getting back into painting and drawing by sketching. Particularly Urban Sketching.

As a result of doing urban sketching his subject matter of his art is often taken from the world around him.

Having studied both graphic design and photography at art school I’ve been able to integrate both of these passions into my art.

Kevin Somerville

Kevin Somerville developed his fine art painting style from many different fields as well as styles. He particularly enjoys combining watercolour and oils.

Watercolour has some really lovely qualities in that it is so spontaneous and flows beautifully. These qualities tend to be missing in traditional opaque mediums such as oils.
On the other hand watercolour paints sometime lack the intensity of colour and tone that opaque media have.

In my  style I combine the fluidity and spontaneity of watercolour with the depth of colour and tone of oils, often combine abstract as well as realism.
This makes my fine art painting style very unique.


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