Why a Professional Video Resume Will Help You Snag that Dream Job Interview

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Let’s be honest, we all want to stanFotosearch_k8790512v6d out from the crowd and make the best impression with our prospective employer. Well, a video resume can help you do just that. Video resumes are the latest trend in human resources.

Here are 4 reasons why you want a video resume:

1) You set yourself apart from the crowd:

A video resume is the most dynamic and innovative way you can present yourself. Employers often use a pre-screening process to determine if a candidate is the right “fit” for the company and it’s culture. Your employer can literally see you and hear your case before others, giving you that competitive edge.

2) Shows your personality and attitude:

What a great way to make a first impression. You can present yourself in an environment you are comfortable in. Unlike a face-to-face interview situation, you are able to practice and highlight those areas of your personality you most want to portray. Who doesn’t like people who are funny and dynamic. Here’s your opportunity to showcase the real you.

3) Compliments a standard written resume:

Gives you the perfect platform to highlight and sell the skills you are most proud of. This is not a replacement for your traditional resume which lists all your experience and skills, this is an enhancement. This is a platform to really highlight your individuality and why you should get the job over the other candidates.

4) Able to sell the benefits of inviting you for an interview:

Not only are you able to display your personality, but you are also able to communicate with your potential employer directly. And perfect your first impression by practicing, guaranteeing you’ll make a longer lasting impression than your peers. Your potential employer is able to recognise talent quicker, thus make their selection process easier.

A video resume really is the most dynamic and innovative way of selling yourself. It goes beyond the traditional, displaying someone who is has a knack for current trends and shows a sense of technology.


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