Tips For Creating A Viral Video For Your Brand

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How to make a viral video? That is the million dollar question! First off, what exactly is a “viral video”?
A viral video, is a video that is shared organically between different
media channels. It creates a chain reaction. Viral is depicted by how
quickly the viewership rises, and how many views the video receives in
that time. Different to a promotional video, and much riskier; if you
are looking to develop a viral video for your brand, the concept can
make companies a bit nervous. There is generally no mention of the
company, with the logo only appearing at the end. But, there are several
things to consider when creating a viral video that comes in strong
contrast to paid advertising.

Let’s have a look at some key points:

1) It must elicit some kind of strong sense of emotion:

If you think about it, what makes you share a video with your friends?
It is either funny, really moves you, is controversial, or is
educational. In general, the most shared videos; are those that evoke
positive feelings and leave people feeling upbeat. Be inspiring. This
type of video often gets the most shares.

2) It should speak for your Brand’s image, without being too promotional:

Often, the video will be the first time a customer is hearing about your
company, so it should strongly represent the personality of your brand;
without hard pushing the sale. You should speak the same language as
your audience. Do your homework and come up with a proper marketing plan to
determine exactly who your target audience should be; and how best to
reach them on a personal level. Does it create discussion? If there is a
buzz about the video, it is more likely to be shared.

3) Be short & sweet:

The average attention span of viewers is 8 seconds. 1 Minute into your
video, and you have already lost 44% of your audience. That means that most often, you
should put the funniest and most surprising information first. You also
need to make a video that holds its own so that it “lives on” and
continues to be shared. It should be educational. People are always
searching for new information and making your video informative and
interesting makes it highly shareable.

4) Other branding & marketing efforts need to be in place:

If you are commissioning a video, you obviously want to see results. A
successful video should result in you increasing your website visits
substantially. Your website needs to be up to date. All your other
marketing efforts must in place to support your video.

5) Have a good title:

When you are searching You Tube for a video, you search by the title and
the tags. Think carefully about this when uploading your video and
sharing it. How will people find it? What should they be looking for?

Creating a video that goes viral is a highly coveted commodity. The
video should be informative and make your audience feel obliged to share
it. Be engaged and interesting; move your audience emotionally, and they
will want to share your message.

Chat to a professional who can guide you and give you clear direction
when creating your video.

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