Even the gardeners took to wearing masks.
Taking temperature and spraying hands at every point of entry. Health staff start using screens.
The ice cream vendor takes to wearing a face mask
A health care workers take to wearing a screen.
Masks get glamorous.
Even the supermarket staff start wearing screens.
The ladies go shopping with their masks. Nothing stops shopping and friendships.
The unicorn mask. One sticky up spike on the top of the head.
The over-the-top mask position.
The ear ring mask.
More men seen doing the shopping during Covid. Presumably to get out of the house.
Covid masked man feeling a bit uncertain while doing the shopping.
He doesn’t seem to be as effective as what she is at tracking down the food.
The hole in the face mask solution.
Health worker with face mask.

With no hairdressers allowed during Covid husbands get to cut their wife’s hair.
Without the luxury of hairdressers during Covid some women decided to grow their hair out and go grey.
Wherever you turned there was somone trying to take your temperature.
Some men were not as good as shopping as their wives.
Masks have become a way of life.
Even bras were brought into service as face masks.
The beard hammock.
Not surprisingly the medical staff were some of the first to start wearing masks.